It was the album everyone's been waiting for since "Back to the wood and especially the album I wanted to make since "Bluezone", my meeting with Fred Schneider was decisive in order to be able to make this opus, we both elaborated something that reflected my personality with a variety of influences by drawing from mutuel influences and our desire to make a beautiful original album.

I would like to thank all the musicians who participated in the album with their passion and all their heart! Jean Luc Hamadache (harmonica), Ange Amadéi (harmonica), Diabolo (Harmonica), Eric Lebailly (Drums), Mohamed Bellal (percussion), Christophe Allemand (tenor sax and baritone), Philippe Anicaux (trumpets and trombone), Krys Joe Ricci (keyboards, voice) and Fred Schneider (bass, guitars and keyboards)

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