A simple warning to do right....Or there will be regrets....

All That Matters (Tout ce qui compte)

I still remember my first impressions landing at Nîmes Airport (Garons) for a festival. It was

my first time back after years of living in the UK. I remember saying as I stepped on the

tarmac..'Finally I'm home!' Seeing the colour of the sky here has always felt familiar. I'm very

happy living in the Vaucluse.... So, this is a tribute to home...

Awkward Boy (Garçon maladroit)

I imagined Billy F. Gibbons singing this observation of oddity..... Ah! Growing pains!

Massa John... (Maitre Jean)

This was inspired by the memory of watching Disney 's film "Song of the South"... a

technological wonder at the time combining live actors and cartoons... Charming tales of

"Brere Rabbit and Brere Fox, etc. It was narrated by "Uncle Remus"; an old black man... There

was much gaiety as the slaves and servants sang in four part harmony.... Yes.... Walt would

have us believe that the southern states was a wonderful place, and slavery was just a quaint



I come from a country that promised so much to the world... Democracy, liberty, justice... and

of course, no place is perfect, but sometimes I'm ashamed at how far we fall from those stirling

ideals. Of course, if we look at history, it becomes evident that those lofty ideals weren't meant

for everyone... My country's ideals are a little suspect when it comes to integrity, honesty and

fair play... We've come to accept the concept of winning at all cost and bending the facts to suit

our needs... The dream is nothing but that...


Cautionary Tale

It's great being a grandfather...Knowing, even selfishly, that you've left your mark in the world...

The relationship isn't the same as with your children... You can see things from a distance and,

perhaps a maturity you didn't possess as a parent...Ah! The pride, the joy...and the terror!


I'm a huge fan of Neil Gaiman...though removed from his graphic novels of the same name,

there's still quite a bit of inspiration....

Finally...When You Fall

At one time or another, we've all met the loudmouth in the bar or other places that comes in

always over opinionated and too willing to share their “divine” wisdom with all unsundry. Said

person is normally sexist, racist, and supremely egoist. This is my ode to the day they find

themselves at a loss....

Can't Find the Will

We've all suffered loss of someone at one time or another. Here's hoping that loss doesn't become

a “black hole”... Life goes on....

Inside Dance

This started as a joke of “self realisation; achieving awareness!” No flash moves, no trying to

impress... You KNOW who you are, so the dance is interior!!!